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The right way to Fix a Leaking Aluminum Awning

Aluminum awnings are affordable and durable structures constructed to cover windows and entrances. If they may be cared for, they are able to final for years. But, even a well-cared-for awning will require some function over time since it is susceptible to rust and also other harm. You are able to repair your awning your self employing 1 of various options that could let you patch a leak whereas staying dry undercover.

Get rid of any screws positioned near the leak, making use of a screwdriver. Clean away rust having a wire brush and replace the old screws with stainless steel ones. Use a brand new screw that's larger than the old one so it fills in and seals the hole. Take the old screw to the store with you so you can actually evaluate it towards the new screws. Old screws may cause leaks as they rust or turn out to be corroded. Stainless steel screws will last longer.

Clean the awning surface to take away any dirt or grease using a common cleaner, which include dish soap. Rinse and dry the area very carefully with a towel. Apply 7075 aluminum sheet plate sealing tape along the leaking region. This works well within a pinch as well as the repair can final for months.

Wash the leaking area and following it dries, apply a line of polyether sealant to cracks or gaps within the awning. Use a sealant that is definitely UV resistant, exterior grade and developed for seams and metal. The sealant will fill the crack because it dries and plug the leak.

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