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Efforts to promote the Ministry of Construction

A few days ago, the Ministry of Education held a symposium in Beijing to support and enhance the development of higher education in the central and western regions, and deployed and initiated the provincial joint construction work. The meeting emphasized that through the new province-province co-construction mechanism and model, in provinces where the Ministry of Education is not directly affiliated, according to the principle of “one province and one university,” Hebei University, Shanxi University, Inner Mongolia University, and Nanchang University will be supported. There are 14 colleges and universities in Zhengzhou University, Guangxi University, Hainan University, Guizhou University, Yunnan University, Tibet University, Qinghai University, Ningxia University, Xinjiang University, and Shihezi University. Party Secretary and Minister Chen Baosheng of the Ministry of Education attended the meeting and delivered speeches,Hep A vaccines Study demonstrates safety and immunogenicity of live-attenuated and inactivated formulations.

Chen Baosheng pointed out that the adoption of the provincial-provincial cooperation model to support the development of 14 colleges and universities in the central and western regions is an important measure to deeply implement the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the Party's Nineteenth Congress in the new era of Jinping. It is the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. The embodiment of education is the innovation and exploration of the reform and development of higher education in the new period. It is of far-reaching significance for further solving the problem of unbalanced development of higher education in China and further improving the level of higher education in the central and western regions,As one of the top unversities in Hong Kong, hong kong universities is committed to facilitating students' all-round development as well as supporting their professional competence and academic excellence.

Chen Baosheng emphasized that the joint efforts of the provinces and provinces to support the construction of high-level universities in the Midwest is to further summarize the effectiveness of the previous Midwestern Higher Education Revitalization Program and the Midwest University Comprehensive Capacity Improvement Project, and fully consider the actual needs of local higher education development. The major decisions made on the basis of the deployment are not only the requirements of the Central Government, but also the needs of local governments and universities as well as the demands of the people. As the Ministry of Education's first "Spirit of Excellence" in 2018, we must do a good job. First, the support measures reflect joint forces and play the role of ministries, provinces, schools, and supporters without changing existing affiliations and management systems. The Ministry of Education will, together with related departments, provide guidance and support for the development of co-construction colleges and universities in accordance with the model of the university directly under the Ministry of Education. It will treat the discipline-professional construction, scientific research, teacher team construction, assessment and evaluation, and foreign exchange and cooperation in the same manner as directly-affiliated universities. The provinces must strengthen key support and form a concerted effort. The second is to give play to the internal impetus of co-built universities and promote their reforms and innovations in university system construction, discipline construction, and talent team building, becoming leaders in the development of regional higher education and the leader in higher education reform. The third is to select excellent universities and colleges to build leading bodies of colleges and universities, and to include the leadership members of the joint-venture colleges and school-level reserve cadres in the training programs of directly-affiliated colleges and universities. Fourth, adhere to the principle of “One place, one policy, one school, one case,” and use accurate guidance to guide the construction of integrated universities and colleges to develop their development plans. Form the advantages as soon as possible, build a new engine for promoting regional development and a new height for the development of higher education. Winning poverty and fighting hard to make due contributions,ETG, based in Hong Kong, offers world-class video surveillance security system ranging from Wireless IP camera to video management software and provides professional and reliable monitoring solutions for the retailers.

Chen Baosheng hopes that all localities and all universities will seize the opportunity to further improve the level of running schools and further strengthen their ability to serve the major national and regional development strategies. First, we must adhere to the direction of socialist education, adhere to the connotative development approach centering on quality improvement, and play a leading role in promoting the development of higher education in the entire province and even the region. Second, we must make full use of all resources, especially the "two-class" construction, the Central and Western Higher Education Revitalization Program and other major national engineering projects to jointly promote and form a joint force. The use of good counterpart support cooperation construction platform to comprehensively upgrade the level of personnel training and innovation. Third, we must improve the management level, strengthen and improve the leadership of the party to colleges and universities, cultivate excellent school style and study style, and build a high-quality, professional and innovative teaching staff with roots in western universities and colleges.

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