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Classroom Teaching Evaluation to Promote Students' Development

First, the assessment and assessment of classroom teaching awareness

Evaluation is the conceptual judgment of the subject on the value of the object on the basis of facts. Therefore, the evaluation is conducted by the subject of value judgments under the preconceived value belief and value goal. The value belief and the value goal play a central role in the evaluation. In general, having different values ​​and beliefs will produce different evaluation results. The development of evaluation activities is deeply rooted in the understanding of the object of evaluation. In addition, judging from the sequence of human activities, the evaluation is a cognitive activity that is closer to the practical activities, and its strong practical direction has a clear guiding function on people's practical activities wine course in hk.

Specific to the classroom teaching activities, holding different view of classroom teaching, will form a different classroom teaching and evaluation, resulting in different teaching evaluation results. On the contrary, there are different classroom teaching evaluation activities, there is a corresponding assessment of classroom teaching and teaching concept to do the guide. Teachers' classroom teaching evaluation activities are essentially the concrete and realistic teaching of teachers. Summarizing the evaluation activities of classroom teaching in primary and secondary schools in our country, there are two main characteristics as a whole: one is the small amount, teachers and students do not value the role of classroom teaching evaluation; the other is quality is not high, many classroom teaching evaluation is limited to simple statements Reproduction of sexual knowledge. The specific situation is that only teachers in the classroom are seriously performing "one-man show." Teachers are concerned about completing their own teaching plan on schedule. They pay insufficient attention to students' participation, learning process and learning effects. The evaluation of students is mainly through questioning and answering, and most of them are mechanical problems of low quality and no practical significance. Such evaluation methods are commonplace among teachers in our country and are also deeply rooted and have a profound traditional foundation. Although there have been many classroom reforms and experiments in recent 20 years in our country, we have achieved gratifying results. However, it should not be overlooked that many reforms did not produce satisfactory results because of the lack of effective measures. Looking at these reforms, we can find many helpful revelations: the reform and experiment in classroom teaching must find effective and effective breakthrough points and breakthroughs to achieve satisfactory results. The disadvantage of traditional teaching evaluation is that it does not recognize the role of classroom teaching evaluation correctly and treats teaching evaluation itself as its purpose and end. Therefore, we should attach importance to and strengthen the function of diagnosis, guidance, encouragement and teaching of classroom teaching evaluation and establish a new evaluation concept of classroom teaching. We should shift the focus of classroom teaching from the completion of teaching tasks to the foundation of students and promote the development of students Dr protalk.

Second, to promote the development of students in the classroom teaching evaluation of the theoretical basis

The evaluation of classroom teaching to promote the development of students is based on the re-understanding of the scientific understanding of objects of assessment and the teaching methods of education. It is a re-interpretation of the nature of man, especially from the perspective of education and the redefinition of the nature of education and teaching. This article will discuss the theoretical basis of classroom teaching to promote the development of students from the aspects of multiple intelligence theory, constructivism and postmodernism.

(A) multiple intelligence theory

For a long time, people's understanding of intelligence is limited to IQ theory and Piaget's cognitive development theory. This traditional intellectual theory holds that intelligence is an ability that exists in an integrated way with linguistic ability and mathematical logic as the core.

With the deepening of people's understanding of intelligence, new intelligence theories are constantly emerging. For example, the American intellectual psychologist Steinberger (1985) The field of uniqueness theory of intelligence, but especially caused by education and teaching attention, the most far-reaching impact on education and teaching reform is the United States Harvard professor, developmental psychologist Howard Gardner (Howard Gardner) in the 20th century, 90's The theory of Multiple Intelligences. Gardiner believes that human intelligence has seven closely related but independent intellectual components: verbal-linguistic intelligence, music-rhythm intelligence, logic-mathematical intelligence, visual-spatial intelligence, and body-moving Feel the intelligence, self-knowledge - self-examination of intelligence, communication - exchange of intelligence [1]. These seven kinds of intelligence apparently more than the IQ theory that the language - linguistic intelligence and mathematical - logical intelligence is more extensive, more valuable is that Gardner to provide them with a multi-dimensional view of human intelligence and methods , Gardiner believes that with the statutory process of study can increase and delete some of the intelligence. The broadness and openness of the theory of multivariate intelligence have a high reference value for us to recognize students correctly and comprehensively. All kinds of intelligence are only different in different fields, and there is no difference between advantages and disadvantages. There is no bad difference either. Therefore, each student has the potential to develop, but only in different areas of performance. This requires our teachers to look after each student from different perspectives and at different levels from the perspective of promoting student development as the ultimate concern. But also to promote the excellent quality of its superior intellectual field to other areas of intellectual mobility [1]. Teacher Evaluation Students can no longer learn the achievements and abilities of traditional culture lessons as the only standard and measure,The new PolyU e Admission portal is a one-stop platform aimed at handling applications of university degree courses. With PolyU e Admission, the application process is refined into three simple steps.

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